Afrika Bambaataa and The Soulsonic Force’s hit legendary track, Planet Rock, was the spark that ignited Deanstar’s passion for all kinds of electronic music. He started creating his own remixes spending days using his family’s turntable and tape recorder and perfecting three-minute remixes and hip hop megamixes, Deanstar would constantly press play and pause, tweaking early hip hop and electro records into a whole new recording. His mix tapes became popular at school, with copies being requested and circulated.

In 1988, Deanstar shifted from Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy upon hearing Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald as house music exploded during the ‘Summer of Love’ M25 parties. He bought his first set of turntables and a mixer, officially becoming a DJ. Deanstar and four friends even started a pirate radio station in 1990 called ‘Destiny FM’, which unfortunately got shutdown and raided twice by the Department of Trade and Industry which resulted in attending the criminal court.

After taking a break, Deanstar continued DJing casually at house parties and summer BBQs for the next 20 years. Then, in March 2019, during the UK lockdown due to Covid-19, Deanstar rediscovered his DJ gear in the loft. His passion for house music was reignited, and he hasn’t put away his beloved ‘decks’ since. With vast experience from radio and live events ever since, it is safe to say Deanstar is here to stay for the next 20 years!

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