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DJ Kevos


From as a young boy taking control of the turntable on the front room Hi-FI stereo with my parents record collection at family parties and gaining an obsession for spinning vinyl, to eventually obtaining a pair of belt drives as young teenager, playing records for others has always been a hobby that has given me great pleasure.

From playing local clubs and bars in and around London to playing clubs such as Turnmills and being a regular on many boat parties and radio shows over the years. DJing is always something that that I find as gratifying as being punter raving on the other side of the decks.

I was probably first introduced to dance music by my baby setter in the 80s with acid house, soul and R&B, and in later years in the early 90s I discovered rave, house and Hardcore, from then on I was hooked!



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Jungle & Oldskool DJ