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You can Listen to Dance Music from DJ Orange. Playing new and old Jungle, Liquid, House and Hardcore on our app and live on Divine Radio London.
Divine Radio London is London’s premier station and mobile app for¬†Dance Music.

You can catch Orange and Listen to Dance Music during the hours of 12am-10am Friday night/Saturday morning on Divine Radio London.

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Divine Radio was founded by a group of longtime friends who have previously been involved some of the biggest underground stations in London in the past 20 years. Broadcasting across London & online via our website and mobile phone apps. We aim to bring something different to the airwaves you do not hear on other stations in the capital.

The dedication and enthusiasm of our team of 40+ experienced DJs shines through in their captivating show presentations and following. They offer a unique blend of House, Garage, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Oldskool, Hardcore, Reggae, RnB & soul.

The DJ team bring with them vast experience, their own individual followings and especially with a deep knowledge of their own sub-genres. With a fine balance between old and new music, they pay tribute to the past and provoke the future.


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