Drum&Bass & Garage DJ

Miss Murky T


I’ve had passion for decks since the mid 90’s at the age of 13, started out just mixing d&b and jungle with mates, finally got 1210’s for my 18th birthday.

My fave record shops were slamming vinyl and black market records, every payday would head down to these gaffs spend hours listening through all the tunes carefully growing my record collection. Shortly after that I was introduced to the world of pirate radio, and got great enjoyment out of having airtime and playing to an audience. My world became music, my music selection was picked up from the late 90’s/early 2000 rave scene, loved me a bit of one nation, telepathy, innovation the list goes on, the main influences of Dj’s for me was shy FX, Roni size, Andy C, DJ Hype, Dillinger, DJ Zinc again the list goes on.
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Drum&Bass & Garage DJ