Our DJs


House DJ

Dale James

Dayle James plays all styles of House music his true passion is for Classic House. Dayle also spins Italo, Oldskool, Hip House, Jackin, Deep, Funky, Nu Disco, Soulful, Disco, Funk & Soul.

Drum & Bass DJ

DJ Icon

I started mixing on Technic 1210s over 25 years ago and have held down residencies on stations such as Origin UK, Flight FM and many more. I’ve played at many events in and around London town over the years.

Garage DJ

DJ Intro (Movement Kru)

A vibrant and excitable DJ who plays nuskool Ukgarage/bass with a splash of Oldskool. Intro got into DJing after watching his big brother and cousin mixing it up in their bedrooms in his early teen years which inspired him to go get his own decks at the tender age of 14.

Drum & Bass DJ

Jungle Edd

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Jungle & Oldskool DJ

DJ Kevos

From as a young boy taking control of the turntable on the front room Hi-FI stereo with my parents record collection at family parties and gaining an obsession for spinning vinyl, to eventually obtaining a pair of belt drives as young teenager, playing records for others has always been a hobby that has given me great pleasure.

House DJ

DJ Lee

Dj lee has been about since the early 80s playing mobiles radio stations and clubs.His main music is house but has been known to drop hip hop electro and soul.South London’s finest will alway entertain with bangers and loves a shout out.