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House DJ


Kariuki's passion for electronic music started as a journey in 1989. It is a journey that has taken him from a raver to record collector and ultimately become a DJ and Producer of Electronic music.

Garage DJ

Lawrence Anthony

I have been DJing many many years now. It all started on touchdown FM from there I started to DJ in a lot of clubs and other radio stations. Been all over the world and I’m still going!

House & Breaks DJ


Melodic/Deep House, Breakbeat, Big Beat, Ghetto-Funk, Nu-Rave lover. Born to feed with electronic beats, bred with old-school Hip-Hop and Big Beat, grew up under the influence of The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, just to name a few.

House DJ


What started over two decades ago when DJ Willmott began to spin his first sets back in ’95 quickly turned into a lifelong love of underground music and a verifiable career as one of the most premier providers, producers, promoters of pure audio-entertainment throughout the underground scene.

House DJ


I started collecting records from a young age and was always fascinated with them. My father gave me my first records at aged 2 and I still have these records today.

Drum & Bass DJ

Buddist Palm

Buddhist Palm has had a lifelong passion for music and first discovered drum & bass as a young teenager in the late nineties era. Then, after attending a Metalheadz all-nighter in 2004, he fell in love with the rave scene and quickly became a regular at many of the major club nights in London and beyond.

House DJ

Andrew Jackson

I got into DJing doing Mobile DJing, started buying records and one day heard voodoo ray - it blew me away and I saved money for technics. DJ John Kelly used my decks at a party and it blew me away, to this day he's still my favourite.