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You can Listen to UKG Music from DJ Intro. Playing new and old UKG, bassline and loads more on our app and live on Divine Radio London. Divine Radio London is London’s premier station and mobile app for UKG Music.

A vibrant and excitable DJ who plays nuskool Ukgarage/bass with a splash of Oldskool.

Intro got into DJing after watching his big brother and cousin mixing it up in their bedrooms in his early teen years. This inspired him to go get his own  decks at the tender age of 14.

He started off as a junglist but soon moved on to Uk Garage. With both genres booming in the rave scene, by 16 He was doing house parties and local pub gigs. He got his break when he was 26 and got a weekly show on Podgy fm. This opened the doors to have guests on his show and do guest shows on other stations in London, from Freek fm, Confetti Digital.

This led to a new show on Ice Cold FM. This gave him the platform to then play at some of London’s largest events obsession, lavish, enchanted, sweet sensations and Exposure to name a few alongside the scene’s biggest names.

The movement Kru was formed in 2008 with 4 members which has now grown to 10 members to bring you the best in underground sound across all social networks and various stations across the Uk. Intro and the rest of the team will continue to keep bringing you the freshest sounds of the underground!

You can catch Intro and Listen to UKG Music during the hours of 6-8pm Wednesday afternoon on Divine Radio London.

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