Our DJs


Drum & Bass DJ


Bustawidemove comes with 27 years of DJ experience. From the warehouses, forests and quarries of the free party days, to iconic venues like Bagleys, The Dungeons and Lazerdrome, Bustawidemove has consistently represented for the Jungle, drum and bass and dubwise movements.

Drum & Bass DJ


I started DJing in 1995, and by 2001 my hobby led me to pirate radio, since then I have been on quite a few stations and, line ups. I enjoy playing dark jump up, rollers and old skool drum n bass, and quite often get carried away when I'm behind the decks.

House DJ

Scottie K

I have been buying and collecting vinyl since back in the day. I got into early hip hop and electro, fast forward to 1987 when I started listening to and buying early house records. Still an avid collector today.

Drum & Bass DJ

DJ Mosh

Hailing from North West London, DJ Mosh began his musical career from the tender age of just 7 years, where he would go through his parents vinyl collection which, consisted a collection of music from all over the world.

Garage DJ


DJ NURELIC has been involved in the music industry under many guises since the late 90’s as a vinyl radio/club DJ, Producer, Live Sound Engineer, Event Manager & Promoter.