Our DJs


House DJ

Josh Chamberlain

I’m an aspiring DJ and Producer. My passion for electronic dance music originated on the dance floor. As an experienced raver, I’ve always enjoyed the way music brought people together and the escape from day to day life.

Garage DJ


DJ NURELIC has been involved in the music industry under many guises since the late 90’s as a vinyl radio/club DJ, Producer, Live Sound Engineer, Event Manager & Promoter.

House DJ

DJ Ekul

A son of a DJ!  Growing up being surrounded by music such as trance, house, techno, soul, disco, reggae, Dnb, Garage and heavy metal... music was never an issue for Ekul - so many musical influences throughout the years, music became food for soul. 

Reggae DJ

Tom Marley

DJ Tom Marley grew up near Newcastle and his parents were huge fans of Reggae giving him a wicked middle name and his own love for all things Reggae, Roots and Ska.


House DJ


March 2019 the UK was in the height of  ‘lockdown’ due to Covid-19. So, in desperate search of something to occupy the forthcoming days and weeks, Deanstar climbed into the loft and dusted off his DJ gear.