Classic House


Presented by Appollo

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Sunday 12:00 am 2:00 am

I started collecting records from a young age and was always fascinated with them. My father gave me my first records at aged 2 and I still have these records today.

My early influences were Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Run DMC, Public Enemy and obscure electronic music plus a lot of 70’s Disco bands and groups.

As the mid 80’s hit, I started to get into more dance music type sounds and by the late 80’s I was buying Acid House, KLF, Breaky type tunes and Techno Sounds with Piano riffs prominent in my collection.

Italian Style is and was a staple and the Master of Italio & Italian Style Pieradis Rossini is someone I look up to, still until this day.

I was addicted to buying records and spent a lot of my spare savings on them whenever I had the chance. I was and still buy late 80’s to mid-90’s tunes and seem to be stuck in this era with my taste in music.

I have amassed a collection in excess of 19000 records and love playing my collection and I had the chance of playing at some early raves in Australia plus in some well-known clubs here in OZ and also did some radio slots here & there.

I have played on the same line up as legends like John Digweed, Tony De Vit , Sasha, Carl Cox and some of Australia’s Finest like Paul Holden, Abel, Ming D, Jumping Jack, Nik Fish & Sugar Ray.

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