Presented by DJ Appollo

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Saturday 10:00 pm 12:00 am

Oldschool is what I play and I play vinyl 99% of the time.

I have 4 turntables set up in my home studio and do have time coded vinyl with Traktor Pro, so I can utilize my digital tune library but prefer the crackle & pop of wax, I play an eclectic mix of tunes from all types of house to trance and even some jungle & breakbeat thrown in.

I don’t plan my shows or sets, I just pick out a tune from one to the next and these are random selections from my collection.

I don’t get to play out anymore and playing tunes from my collection is my release and happy time and when I can get to hear tunes I love and which bring back memories from the past and this is where I hope it does the same, for the listeners.


Listen to House and oldskool

House DJ


I started collecting records from a young age and was always fascinated with them. My father gave me my first records at aged 2 and I still have these records today.

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